Results You Can Count On

Whether you are new to fitness, are not seeing weight loss results from your current workouts, or working to strengthen your body after an injury, we have a program that is right for you. Sometimes people feel at a loss and don’t know where to begin when they walk into the gym. Other times they feel self-conscious, as if all eyes are on them when they are training. My goal as a trainer is to demystify the training, so you can walk into the gym feeling empowered and self-confident.  

Every workout is designed to challenge the entire body, so over time clients build muscles, reduce body fat and increase endurance and flexibility. I complement my workouts with nutrition and lifestyle coaching to speed up the results of their training. And throughout you get support, motivation and accountability as you progress towards your fitness goals.

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How it Works

Before we start, we meet new clients to conduct a detailed fitness and lifestyle assessment to understand their goals, needs and/or any health concerns. This gives you a chance to tell us about your fitness experience, nutrition, health concerns and lifestyle routine. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength or improve athletic performance, we design personalized programs based on the results from our assessment.


Weekly Session 1x per week $65 + HST ($73.45)

Weekly Sessions 2x per week $55 + HST ($124.30)

Weekly Sessions 3x per week $50 + HST ($169.50)

Partner Training $45/session

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