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Unionville Fitness Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp Classes (RRP $15/class)

Whether you want to workout with a friend or make new ones, we bring the community feel into our gym. Classes are designed for all fitness levels! Our workouts are constantly changing with new exercises introduced regularly to avoid plateaus. We like to build a strong sense of community where women uplift and empower each other to become stronger and more confident version of themselves.

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Yoga Classes

(RRP $15/session)

Our newest addition to the services offered at Unionville Fitness, we now provide group Yoga sessions every Tuesday at 9:30am. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced Yogi, we welcome you to live better, stay fit and enjoy life with Yoga at Unionville Fitness.

Unionville Fitness Personal Training

Personal Training (RRP $65/session)

Every PT session is designed to challenge the entire body, so over time clients build muscles, reduce body fat and increase endurance and flexibility. I complement my workouts with nutrition and lifestyle coaching to speed up the results of their training. And throughout you get support, motivation and accountability as you progress towards your fitness goals.

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A note from our Founder

Hi! My name is Sabiha. I am a Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor and Nutrition coach located in Unionville, Ontario. I created Unionville Fitness with the sole purpose of helping my clients achieve their fitness goals in a fun and motivating environment. When I train my clients, I make their goals my goals. I build a close relationship with them so I can provide guidance not just in the hour that they spend with me at the gym, but outside as well. I partner with my clients every step of the way and feel happiest when they achieve their fitness goals and exude confidence and energy.

My sessions last no longer than 45-60 minutes and focus on improving functional movements and correcting muscular imbalances through a progressive workout routine that increases strength and burns body fat.

Through a holistic approach, I help bring the mind, body and sprit into harmony. My exercise programs are both enjoyable and challenging so that my clients have fun while burning calories. And since I believe eating right goes a long way in achieving our health and fitness goals, nutrition advice always complements my workouts.

At Unionville Fitness, we are your partners throughout your fitness journey. We succeed when you do!

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Whether you have general inquiries about my programs and services, want to sign up for your free Bootcamp / Yoga / PT trial class I’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form above or contact us using the details below, and we’ll get in touch with you soon!


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