Corporate Wellness

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What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness is the most vital investment that a company can make. When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits. Research shows that companies that implement wellness programs have a 51% increase in employee productivity. A correctly designed wellness program can improve employee health, boost morale and build collaboration and employee engagement. Wellness programs help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism.

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Our Approach

We work with companies to create a comprehensive and enjoyable fitness program that both employers and employees can benefit from. We believe that every organization is different, with unique set of needs. Our goal is to offer a variety of on-site programs to fit the needs and culture of the organization we are working with.   

Our corporate wellness program focuses on employee well-being. It is designed to educate, inspire and support employees to maximize their health, energy and performance. The result is happy. healthy employees who contribute to a high performing culture at work – a win-win situation for all!!


1. Corporate Fitness Sessions

Whether it is one on one training or group fitness classes, we love to create customized, engaging programs that fit employee needs. Group training programs like HIIT and Strength Building help to burn fat and increase metabolism, energy and focus. To help employees achieve specific health and fitness goals, we schedule personal training sessions at the employees’ convenience.

Our programs focus on correcting muscular imbalances, improving functional movements and educating employees on adopting better eating habits to prevent chronic diseases.

2. Lunch and Learn Sessions

Our corporate lunch and learn program is designed to be encourage employees to make wellness a priority in their daily lives. We chose topics that are informative and based on the latest research. Our presentations are 30-60 min long, are designed to be motivating, interactive and fun. We also love to bring healthy snacks that employees can enjoy after the session! Topics we might cover during lunch and learn can include:

  • Healthy lunch and snack ideas for employees on the go
  • Creating work life balance
  • Managing stress to improve health
  • Meditation and mindfulness in our daily lives
  • Staying healthy during cold/flu season

3. Team Building Events

Corporate off-sites and team building events can enhance employees’ level of engagement, motivation at work and build a sense of community within the department. We provide dynamic fun filled fitness sessions and team cooking workshops to build healthy habits and help create deeper bonds within the workforce.

4. Nutrition/Lifestyle Assessment

To complement our training services and to help employees achieve their fitness goals faster, we offer detailed nutrition and lifestyle assessments. The assessments allow us to identify health goals, eating habits food and challenges employees might face in their quest for better health. After the assessments, we design a customized program best suited to the employee’s needs. The program would include a sample meal plan, recipes and lifestyle suggestions, in a 100% supportive environment. We believe over time making small changes in daily eating and lifestyle choices can greatly enhance one’s state of well-being.

Interested in bringing Corporate Wellness, Fitness or Lunch & Learn to you organization? Please contact or visit our Corporate Wellness page for more details.

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